What does it mean to   dream about a wolf and be hunted down ?

Hi Master,

I am 20 years old, male

I dreamed that I lived in the countryside. A group of wolves gave birth to a group of wolves in my house. I was afraid of my girlfriend and ran upstairs to sleep. Later, a wolf came and killed me, and a chicken came. Killed me, then my family killed the wolf downstairs, and some other animals put a large cabinet on the cabinet upstairs.

Contact later had a dream: dream about being chased killed because of emotional conflicts, dreamed to get people to see my girlfriend took me to grab the opposition, I also took the rush, and later dreamed he took Snatch me, I run, run the wrong way, kill him, and wake up when I see blood.

I fell asleep again, I dreamed from where he grabbed my finger, and he grabbed my finger, and I ran again, and then did not kill me, I woke up again

Very afraid of the master pointing

( Zhou Gong's official website for dream interpretation) Dream interpretation: This dream means that you have some conflicts in your relationship with your girlfriend. The image of the wolf is what you think. In the emotional life, the image you felt gave birth to a group of little wolves. It means that your emotional life has reached a new stage and has certain development achievements. Since you have not paid enough attention and thought to this feeling in reality, you need to use this intense way of fighting in your dreams. Come face to face, chickens and other various animals are also metaphors of various images that you experience in your emotional life, related to your girlfriend. Because of this conflict, you later appeared in your heart with you Fighting for the image of a girlfriend can be understood as the conflict between your two thoughts or your two choices when dealing with this relationship.

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