What does dreaming about visiting prison mean

I have never committed a crime, and I have never been in prison. But I dreamed that my friend took me to the prison for a circle, and said that it was to see another acquaintance in this prison, and I had to follow him into the prison in a dilemma. (Male, 29 years old)

Dream Analysis: The prison in dreams represents depression and problems. The presence of a prison in your dreams shows that you are too suppressive of your desires. If you dream of being imprisoned, it means that you want to live a carefree and free life. This dream foreshadows you from the depression and becomes your own master. If you dream about someone being imprisoned, it means that you are currently experiencing a difficult problem, which makes you dilemma.

If you dream of a shelter, it is a symbol of a friend's desire or anxiety.

Dreaming of the dungeon is a symbol of trouble and difficulty.

Dreaming of jailbreak is a symbol of difficulty and emotion, which indicates that the things that trouble you will disappear.

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