Others dream car hit dead

I dreamed that I had just walked to an intersection and saw my two colleagues drove and killed a woman on the side of the road. The dead man was smashed in half and there was blood everywhere. It was very miserable. But everyone is not very nervous, saying that she violated the Jiantong rules and waited for the police to come. Looking at it again, I know this woman, who is the new girlfriend of her ex-boyfriend 's post-90s. I only feel that "she is so pitiful", there is no feeling of happiness, tension, and a little sadness. Let me just say that in reality I don't resent them. At last she opened her eyes, smiled at me, and leaned over.

Dream interpretation: The dream reflects your subconscious. You dreamed that your ex-boyfriend ’s new girlfriend died, indicating that you will get rid of this past. Dreaming about your colleagues indicates that a new intimate relationship will replace the old relationship and usher in a share New love affair. You may still have a little nostalgia and care in your heart, but these will slowly be sealed in the dust.

This dream also reflects your possessive desire for something in your heart. You may have wanted something recently but did not get it.

To dream of someone driving and hitting someone to death is a general symbol:

In the dream, the "driving car killed someone" represents "stress" and "venting."

Dream car killed people do not like, show this person that you in reality have been very unhappy about not control emotions and this person had a falling out. Killing a person is legally responsible. Although you can knock him to pieces, it will have a great impact on you. This dream is to imply that you should not be too emotional as a person. Taking a step back will bring you a brighter future.

Dreaming of driving and hitting someone to death indicates that your long-existing negative emotions have not been vented. Your life and work have been out of control. If you are not in the right direction, you will vent it out in the form of "crashing someone to death" in your dream. At this time, it is best to calm down and discuss with friends and relatives what you have done wrong, correct your mistakes, and put your life on the right track again.

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