I dreamed about killing pigs last night . What will happen?

Interpretation of dreams: Pig dreams are the lucky dreams in the dream! Since ancient times, the dream of pigs has always been a symbol of wealth and happiness, representing wealth and luck. Among the people who made colorful fortunes in the middle of their heads, and those who made their fortunes unexpectedly, many people dreamed of pigs . For example, there are dreams of pigs entering a house and cubs, or dreams of riding a big pig on a field, and so on, so pigs have always been regarded as animals that symbolize wealth. Dreaming about the killing of pigs , this dream is not good, which indicates that the current life is difficult; dreaming of killing pigs is auspicious, but dreaming of pigs dying is a bad sign.

Dreaming of killing pigs, children and grandchildren will get sick, traffic accidents or other disasters, especially the dream of killing pigs with a knife, is a sign that someone in the family will get sick.

Dreaming about killing pigs is an unknown omen in Zhou Gong's interpretation of dreams , indicating that the descendants of the dreamer will be sick; if they dream of dreaming about killing pigs, it means that the dreamer will encounter difficulties.

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