What does it mean to dream of the lover of bandits and bandits?

Dreamer: Male, 22, office worker, college graduate

Dreamland: The society is very turbulent, the people don’t have a good life, and there are bandits and bandits everywhere. I came home from a different place and there was no one at home. My neighbor told me that my parents and a group of people in the village were all caught by bandits. So a friend and I entered the bandit’s den. Fortunately, I saw my parents and a group of unknown people directly in the bandit’s den. Then we pretended to be the leader of the bandit and let this group go. We Going behind the palace, when we were about to get away, a man came, who should be the lover of the bandit leader, and when we saw us, I felt that we had met a triumphant who could be lost. He asked us to accompany her and was taken by the bandit. After leaving, the soldiers were divided into two groups and ran. After about 1 or 2KM, there was movement in the bandit’s den. It should have been found that there were fewer people. I ran for about 1KM, but no one was chasing it. I woke up from the dream. Up.

Interpretation of dreams: 1. Cognition of the status quo of society

Social turmoil, people do not live a life, bandits and bandits are everywhere. It means that your perception of society is severe and bad, and it is full of dangers.

2. Your responsibilities to the family

I came home from another place. Being in another place means you leave home, your independence and self-reliance, and going home means your worries and worries about your home. My parents were caught by bandits and I went into bandit dens to rescue them. Because of my own growth and independence in this section, people will naturally worry about accidents and difficulties in the family at this stage. When there are accidents and difficulties in the family, myself We should pay for them and help them solve their problems. So in my dream, I made up my family's relatives to have an accident, and let you take the responsibility to help the family's relatives get through the difficulties. Pretending to be the leader of a bandit means that one's own insight into the other side, and witty resolve the crisis.

3. Your attitude towards the opposite sex

Get rid of the lover of the bandit leader, someone whose lover is metaphorical, and get rid of it shows that you have disdain for this kind of other people’s women , are unwilling to contact them, and will not lose yourself because of the sordid female sex sent to the door , And forget the obligation to protect and rescue their loved ones.

Comment: People must be separated from their loved ones when they grow up, so that they can be independent. But if you are independent, you must be separated from your relatives. This means betraying your relatives, which will make us to argue. So the dream vents your unconscious worry about your family, that is, when your family encounters accidents and disasters. I have the responsibility to provide help and support to them. Of course, there are many elements of arrogance in my dreams. Through the dream of being able to protect his family, it shows that he has not betrayed his relatives, and that he is still loyal to his relatives.

At the same time, due to growth, we have to choose the opposite sex, and the dream reflects that you will not accept the condition of a bad woman in your choice of the opposite sex.

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