What does the lover who dreamed of the bandits and bandits mean?

Dreamer: Male, 22, Office Worker, University Graduate

Dream: The society is very turbulent, the people are not talking about life, there are bandits and pirates everywhere. I came home from a foreign country. There is no one in the family. My neighbor told me that my parents and a group of people in the village were arrested by the pirates. So a friend and I entered the mountain thief's den. I was lucky to see my parents and a group of people who didn't know in the mountain thief's nest. Then I pretended to be the leadership in the mountain thief and let go of this group. The back of the palace, when we were about to get away, someone came, who should be the lover of the robber, and then saw us, and felt that he could meet Kaiser who could fall, and asked us to accompany her, and I made it with the robber After leaving, then there are two ways of running and running. After about 1, 2KM, there is some movement in the mountain thief's den. It should be found that there are fewer people. After running about 1KM, no one is chased. Already.

Dream interpretation: 1. Cognition of the status quo of society

Social turmoil, people do not talk about life, bandits, robbers everywhere. It means that your perception of society is severe and bad, and it is full of danger.

Second, your responsibility to the family

When I return home from a field, it means that you leave the home, your independence and self-reliance, and going home means that you are worried and worried about your home. My parents were arrested by the mountain thief. I went into the mountain thief's den and rescued them. In this section, due to my own growth and independence, I will naturally worry about family accidents and difficulties at this stage. Give them what you need to solve their problems. So in the dream, you make up your loved ones in an accident, and let you take responsibility to help your loved ones through the difficulties. Impersonating the leader of a bandit means that he can see the other side and resolve the crisis tactfully.

Your attitude towards the opposite sex

Take away the lover of the robber, someone who has been metaphorized by someone else's lover, and get rid of your disdain for this kind of other woman , unwilling to contact them, and you won't lose yourself because of the cheap woman who sent you And forget the obligation to protect and rescue your loved ones.

Comment: When people grow up, they must be separated from their loved ones so that they can be independent. However, if you are independent, you must be separated from your loved ones. This means that the betrayal of your loved ones will make us refute. So you dream about venting your subconscious mind about your family members, that is, when people in your family encounter accidents and disasters. I have a responsibility to help and support them, of course, there are many elements of arrogance in the dream. Through my dream of being able to protect my family, it means that I have not betrayed my loved ones, but I am still loyal to my loved ones.

At the same time, because of growth, we have to choose the opposite sex, and dreams reflect the condition that you will not accept bad women for the opposite sex selection.

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