I had a weird dream dreaming that there is a wedding band downstairs in my house . My mother asked who got married. The band said it was my house. My mother said it was a mistake. My family will have a wedding tomorrow. It’s not today. The band said it’s today. My mother asked. After that, I was stunned and hurriedly let us go to the hotel for the wedding. I was afraid that I would miss the auspicious hour and then on the way. My mother said it was not right. It was tomorrow and then asked others what day was today. It was indeed tomorrow or not today. Then the wedding did not happen. Please interpret the dream. Thank you!

Master dream interpretation:

To dream of a band conductor, or to dream of becoming a band conductor, indicates that you will have unexpected wealth.

The band in the dream represents the harmony in the dreamer's heart, and the dreamer strongly yearns for harmony and happiness in life.

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