I am a man, age 19. I am a person who just left school to work outside. My first dream was a female classmate from the school. I didn’t know her before. This dream is that I and I seem to be a husband and wife. It seemed to be someone I just met. She asked me to buy a mask. She seemed to be pregnant, so I bought it, but when I went to the clinic to buy it, the doctor always gave me the wrong one. Afterwards, it seemed that I didn’t buy it or I bought it. It’s not clear that I went back to that female classmate anyway. The second dream is hazy. I only remember that it was the female classmate. I met her. She pretended to twist her ankle, and then I carried her home. This feeling is that she likes me but I am embarrassed. (Of course I also like it. Her, but she didn’t know.) She was on my back and I could feel that we were very happy. When I carried her home, she was a little reluctant. Later I found out what her home is called a geisha garden or something, so She was afraid that I would leave, but I was only surprised, but still gave her a firm smile, walked in with her, and saw a man who was very sick, and there were two other people who looked like his wife serving him. , Very ancient atmosphere, that man is the father of my female classmate. That's it. Could the teacher help me solve it?

The meaning of the two dreams is the same. The girl in the dream represents your beloved girl in reality. This representation technique plus subconscious avoidance. Pregnancy , feelings are in the bud. Masks hide their true colors. Her father, the ex-boyfriend of the beloved woman . Dream wish: You and your beloved girl can have a mutual affection. But: She doesn't want to let you know all her past experience is the trauma of her heart. The enlightenment of the dream: If you want to have this feeling, you must encourage her and encourage yourself to ignore her past.

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