What does dreaming about cooking smoke mean

I especially like the song "Seeing the smoke rises again", I think it has a tranquil and rustic atmosphere. The smoke in my dream is also beautiful. In the morning, the mist lingered around the small village, and the simmering smoke slowly rose like a soft ink painting. (Female, 20 years old)

Analysis of dreams: 袅袅 's cooking smoke is a portrayal of human inner world. Dreaming of the morning mist rising slowly around the simmering smoke, indicating that your heart is longing for a quiet and quiet day, and has been yearning for a life of paradise. Dreaming of the setting sun falling on the ground, the faint smoke of smoke is slowly rising, indicating that you have an eternal thought in your heart, want to escape reality and return to the ideal kingdom.

If you dream of chimneys, the chimneys are high, indicating that you will achieve extraordinary achievements in the future. The modest height of the chimney indicates that your life is safe.

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