What does it mean to dream that I am cruel

In the dream, I always ignore the pain of others, and cruelly dig out other people’s fingernails. The strange thing is that every time I finish digging other people’s fingernails, no trace of blood is found. The fingernails are clean, like It is a piece of shimmering gems. (Female, 22 years old)

Dream analysis: nails are a part of the body. In a certain sense, it can also be considered in modern consciousness by taking the place of the body. By digging out the nails of others, it is to gain a sense of superiority over others and to control the psychology of others. .

Wanting to get someone else’s nails in a dream can also be interpreted as trying to get some secret things about the other party, so that you can get some bargaining chips in your interactions with the other party, making the other party unable to compete with you.

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