Dreaming that the dragon represents someone who will be promoted and make a fortune on your behalf, and you gain the trust of others. Dreamed that there is a place for the dragon to enter the water. Dreaming of Long Mian Shui seeking advice. Dreamed of Dajichang who was the dragon. Dreamed about the death of the dragon and lost his place. I dreamed of riding a dragon up the mountain to ask. Dreamed that Longzhong Jingzhong was insulted. Dreamed that Long Fei was a noble official. Dreamed that Chenglong was listed as the leader. Dreamed about the dragon snake getting rich. Dreamed that the dragon and snake entered the stove with official arrival. Dreamed of the woman seeing Takako Longsheng. Dreamed that the dragon and snake killed the master. Dreamed of the help of Longhua Guixing.

The dragon is a symbol of good luck. It frequently appears in the legends and myths of the East, and it brings fame and luck. Dragons are animals that people imagine in the deep sea or space. If you dream of a dragon, you will get the honor and wealth that God has given you, and this wealth should be used where it is good for the world. Well, I wish you the dream of a dragon that can bring prosperity and prosperity to people in order to help you.

Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

This is a good sign. It is possible that the god of fortune will love you and help you realize your wish. This dream foreshadows the difficulties you face and will be accompanied by glory and wealth.

Dreaming of the Dragon

This is a sign that a wife or bride will give birth to a healthy baby in the future. In particular, if you dream of giving birth to Qinglong, and Zhou Gong interprets the dream, it is the dream of Jimeng. The child born is likely to grow into a pillar with both wealth and reputation. Heartfelt congratulations.

Dreaming of a dragon breathing fire in a dark cave

There will be unexpected good news from relatives or nobles in the distance in the near future, which may help you to reach the peak of success or resolve the problem. Although the range of the flame spray is different, you can think that you will get windfall or get rich.

Dreaming of the dragon roaring to heaven

If you dream of the dragon ascending smoothly into the sky, it indicates that good news will come in the near future. You will have good luck, everything goes well, and you may be appreciated and respected by everyone to realize your wish.

Zhou Gong Xiemeng dreamed that the sea dragon spit fire to heaven

This is a very good dream. This foreshadows that you will be the leader or leader of a large group, and will have many followers. There will be good news in the near future, such as good news related to fame or power such as qualification, special promotion, honorary resignation, election, winning the championship. Heartfelt congratulations.

Zhou Gong Xiemeng dreamed that the dragon (yellow dragon) growled to heaven

If you dream of Huanglong, it is mostly about power. As we all know, most of the heroes who have become emperors or emperors since ancient times have dreamed about Huanglong. In other words, if you dream of the yellow dragon symbolizing power and authority, you may change your life from now on and make you a standout. Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say that the words of unifying the world, realizing long-cherished wish, glorious prosperity, fame, and returning to hometown are made for you. Heartfelt congratulations.

Dreaming of a dragon throwing out gold nuggets or jade beads

If you dream about dragons and gold and silver jewellery at the same time, you will get the favor from heaven. Foresight of good fortune in the family or career, and victory in various competitions. This dream will also bring you unexpected good news such as fortune, jackpot and so on. You will succeed and you will reach your wish. Heartfelt congratulations.

Dreaming of the dragon illuminating the room with light

There will be good news for family members in the near future. If there are people who are not married at home , you will find a good partner who is old and white. If you are engaged in business or investment, you will be successful.

Dreaming of two dragons flying into the house or getting into the clothes

If you have a bride or a pregnant housewife at home , congratulate you heartily. Because, this is the birth dream of her twins. You will have smart, cute twins. Congratulations again!

Dreaming of myself becoming a dragon to heaven

Predicts that you will achieve your ideals, become famous around the world, attract worldwide attention, and symbolize good luck.

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