I had a strange dream last night: my parents didn't know where to go, only my sister and I were at home, and my grandmother died suddenly. So my sister and I were buried, and I didn't remember whether my parents came back. Anyway, I don't know if it was me or who lost a baby in the coffin . That doll seemed to come from a very horrible experience. Later when we went home, we saw grandma lying in the room again, and there were several bloodstains on the white wall of the room. I'm scared. I thought, grandma is dead. Where did this seal come from? Then the dream became clearer. My parents and I were sitting together, and my grandma slept on the bed in the opposite room. On the bed was the doll thrown into the coffin. I said to be afraid, grandma was dead. My dad said I was talking nonsense. At this moment grandma got up and felt like she was awake, but her appearance was a bit fuzzy. At this time Dad said, look, all said it was asleep. But I don't believe it, I'm scared. At this moment, the mother said to check it out, and I dragged them away, because I knew in my heart that grandma was dead. I always remember the blood on the wall. Later, my mother passed and talked, and grandma left in a black dress. I still think in my dream, um, the ghost is afraid of his people. But I didn't dare to sleep myself. I didn't sleep much until dawn.

Background note:

1.I haven't dreamed in a long time;

2. Before this time (for some time), I used to dream that I would bleed blood straight out of the wall of my kitchen, and flowed through the ditch in front of the door, all of which became a river;

3. There was a sudden thunderstorm and lightning last night;

4.The grandma in the dream has actually passed away for several years;

5. I am a female drop, and nothing special has happened recently.

( Zhou Gong's official website for interpreting dreams ) Dream interpretation: In your growth, while you are still building a mature psychological world, you have the image of an elder like grandma in your heart, which guides you to grow. Although in reality, grandma has passed away for several years, In your inner world, such an image of an elder that you can rely on and bring you to grow up still exists, until you dream this dream, this grandma-like image died in your heart, because you are mature enough to get rid of the right This image depends on the loss of a doll to the coffin. The same image as the grandma is buried with a doll. This doll is your own image when you still need to rely on grandma. Now you do n’t need to rely on it. Grandma is in your heart. There is no sense of existence, and the image of this doll naturally loses meaning, so she was buried with grandma, and then grandma appeared in the room again. The room can refer to your heart, and there are blood marks on the wall, which means injury, meaning Yes, when you encounter some unhappiness, the image of your grandma like you relying on you will be resurrected, come full Your feelings hurt when required.

Fear is not willing to face in consciousness, unwilling to believe that there is such a doll image of dependence in my heart, thinking that I have already got rid of dependence, so when I see it here, I feel strange, it is like a grandma Images are relatively coexisting

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