What does it mean to dream of being sick and feeling disappointed without anyone coming?

Dreamsmeaning Book : Everyone hopesthat someone can visit him when he is sick . The more people there are, the happier he will be. Only if this person cares about himself, he will come to visit him when he is sick. The sickness in the dream did not have anyone to visit, and I was very disappointed, indicating that I had no friends in my life and I was confused about making friends.

Dreaming that you are sick and no one comes to visit, and you feel very disappointed. It means that in reality, you hope to make a lot of sincere friends. However, you may feel a little associative with your own personality or many other practical reasons. Friends are actually very unreal, and it is impossible to treat them as true friends. Based on the above-mentioned reasons, you have not made a few true friends, and you feel disappointed. Even the lover you are dating, you sometimes don't feel her closeness. It will feel that he pays less attention to himself than he imagined, and there is also a kind of loss. In fact, the interaction between people is mutual, and your efforts may not necessarily be rewarded, but if you don't pay, there will be no emotional rewards.

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