What does it mean to feel disappointed that no one has come to dream of illness?

Zhou Gong's interpretation of dreams : Everyone hopes that when they are sick , someone will visit themselves. The more people, the more happy they may be. Only this person cares about himself and will see him when he is sick. The illness in the dream was not visited by anyone, and I was very disappointed, indicating that I had no friends in my life and felt confused about making friends.

I was dreaming that no one came to visit me and I was very disappointed. It means that in reality, you want to be able to make a lot of sincere friends. However, you may have some association with your personality or many other real reasons. Friends are actually very unreal, and it is impossible to treat them as true friends. For all these reasons, you have not made a few genuine friends and feel lost. Even the lover you associate with, sometimes you don't feel her conscience. He will feel that his attention to himself is not as high as expected, and there is also a loss. In fact, people's interactions are mutual, and their efforts may not be rewarded, but if they don't pay, they will definitely not have any emotional reward.

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