Dreaming of shit , ominous omen, will have bad luck. Dreaming about shit, good luck is a sign of getting rich.

Dream of family shit, good luck, life will be very rich. The staff dreamed that the family shit, and the work would go smoothly and be promoted.

Dreaming of shit on her body is a signal of her recent fortune. A businessman dreams that there is shit on his body and that business will flourish.

Dreaming of stepping on stool

Dreaming that you stepped on your stool, was attacked by your stool, or was dirty with your stool, these are all auspicious dreams, which means that you will have good fortune in the near future.

Dreaming of being dirty with poop

It is auspicious dreams to dream that you are soiled by stool. Whether it is being beaten by the stool, stepping on the stool, or even smoking a toilet , Zhou Gong's dreams are all auspicious and wealthy dreams. If you touch your body and clothes with poop, it means that you will have a predictable income and a small amount of money.

Dreaming of poop everywhere

Dreaming of bowel movements is basically related to money. If there are bowel movements in your dreams, it means that your money luck will rise, and there is a good chance that there will be partial fortunes in the near future! It also means that you may have flying on the branch recently The head-to-phoenix romance happened. If you want to get results recently, it means that you will have a fantastic princess wedding.

Dreaming of bad stool

Dreaming of poop is originally a good thing related to money, but if you smell the foul smell of poop in your dreams and make you feel sick and unbearable, it means that you have certain obstacles in real life and you want to give up Your original character, or maybe you want to give up your existing feelings and live your life again.

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