Question: I recently discovered in my dreams that I had three breasts and I was very scared ...

Dream interpretation:

Generally speaking, the female breasts in dreams mainly represent several meanings such as love, sexual desire, maternal love, motherhood, and feminization.

If your breasts are beautiful, it is a very good "intention". In addition to suggesting that your wishes may be realized, there are also reports that your body is very healthy and that luck and happiness are coming.

If in a dream you just find yourself having three breasts instead of touching or being touched by your chest, it has a metaphorical flavor. Maybe you feel that you lack the female symbols of "motherhood" and "maternal love". For example, you feel that you are not enough " woman ", feminine, and attracting the opposite sex. Your subconscious desires to have more power and an ideal environment to exert female instincts, or motherhood.

In addition, when you have physical characteristics in your dreams, pay attention to your health. Sometimes it may be a sign of health problems.

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