What does dreaming of fighting with snake mean

A few days ago I had a pretty horrible dream: I was sitting on a pile of red bricks, high, and a snake attacked me in front of me, and I fought with it. Suddenly there were snakes attacking me from behind, more and more snakes, and I could not help but finally woke up. (Female, 22 years old)

Dream interpretation: "Red brick" is the side you show in real life, it symbolizes enthusiasm, rationality and some perseverance; "snake" is the other side that you have not shown, you hide it in your heart, it symbolizes With your wisdom, tenderness, delicacy, and more feminine side. Since you don't want to show the side of the "snake", it reminds you in a dream: it exists; "fighting" means you don't accept it. Therefore, try to express "it" in future life.

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