Hello Master. I am 18 years old and female.

At first I dreamed of seeing my ex-boyfriend , and it was very kind to me, unlike he would just dump me.

Later, I dreamed that I had long teeth. The top row was special, the bottom was chaotic, and then it was all right again.

Then there was a row again on the top and bottom, just like the small teeth that just came out. When I went to the hospital, the doctor said that I had to apply the medicine. If I could not disappear, I would have to extract my original teeth. Then nothing was done The two extra rows of teeth were gone again.

In the end, my front teeth were loose, but I could n’t drop it. I asked the class teacher to go to the hospital during the self-study, but in fact I just finished the college entrance examination.

Help me out, or I'm always sick ...

( Zhou Gong's official website for dream interpretation ) Dream interpretation : Dreaming that the ex-boyfriend is good to himself is an expression of wishes, hope that things look like this, reflect some unwilling emotions about their past experience, grow new teeth, express The desire to replace the old state with a new state is like saying that changing the face and starting a new life, the front teeth are loose, also have similar meanings, the need for growth, while also paying attention to their own image.

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