Hello, Master. I am 18 years old and female.

At first I dreamed of my ex-boyfriend , who was kind to me, unlike when he just dumped me.

Later, I dreamed of long teeth, a row of turkeys on the top, and a huge chaos on the bottom, and then it was all right again, no more.

Then there was a row of small teeth on the top and bottom, just like the kind of small teeth that had just grown out. When I went to the hospital, the doctor said that I would apply the medicine. If it didn't disappear, I had to pull out my original teeth. Then the two rows of extra teeth were gone.

In the end, my front teeth were loose, but I didn't let it go. I asked my head teacher to go to the hospital during my self-study, but in fact I just finished the college entrance examination.

Help me explain it or I always feel sick...

( Dreamsmeaning Book official website ) Dream interpretation : Dreaming that your ex-boyfriend treats yourself well is an expression of wish, hope that things are like this, reflecting some unwilling emotions about your past experience, growing new teeth, and expressing The desire to replace the old state with a new state is like saying, changing one's face, starting a new life, the front teeth are loose, it also has a similar meaning, the need for growth, and at the same time paying attention to one's own image.

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