Dreaming about the best interpretation of a lover that stimulates you: The more you care about it, the more you are afraid of losing it, and the more you want it, because when you care, you also ask the other person to care about yourself and pay attention to yourself. In the dream, he deliberately showed intimacy in front of other men to stimulate his lover, which shows that the dreamer is lonely and hopes to get the attention of others.

Dreaming of deliberately showing intimacy in front of other men to stimulate your lover. Although it seems that there is no shortage of men around you, it reflects your "inner loneliness" from another side, and shows that you value him very much, but But feel that he can't take you seriously. In your heart, you hope to stimulate your lover in this way, hope that he can value himself, let him be anxious, and hope that he can be better for himself because of his actions, which does not reflect his weakness. And my heart is eager to show my body, my appearance, or wealth and other behaviors in front of a man. The subconscious means that I am a very attractive person. There are still a lot of people waiting to chase myself, and I want to talk to her. In love, it is best to obey. In fact, this habit is still because of fear of loneliness.

Dream 2: In the dream, deliberately torture the lover with being late or without any idea of ​​time .

The best interpretation of dreams by netizens: dreaming that they deliberately used to be late and did not have any idea of ​​time to torture their lovers , reflecting a dreamer ’s psychology that he always thinks that his time is more valuable than him, in fact, he hopes to occupy more private space Even in the two-person world, I hope to capture the sense of space of others, because that will allow her to gain glory, authority, and respect when experiencing the anxiety of others.

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