What do you mean dreaming of a pair of big hands hitting me hard

I dreamed that a pair of skinny hands slowly approached me from behind, suddenly hitting my head and my back hard, making me uncomfortable. I was terrified. I wanted to shout for help. I wanted to move, but my body was completely controlled, I couldn't say anything, couldn't move. Suddenly someone drifted into the room and talked oddly, which made me feel terrible. (Female, 25 years old)

Dreamland analysis: The "behind people" and "yin and yang strange people" talking in the dream are actually different changes of one person, all symbolizing something that makes you fear. For example, an idea or idea that is not acceptable to society. Even if someone points out that you do have such an idea or idea, you will firmly deny it. Over time, the incarnation of such thoughts or ideas will appear in dreams. Such a dream also means that you will get a very good chance for spiritual growth.

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