Dreaming about washing

In my dream, I seem to be back in my student days, with a classmate in a dormitory. I was just about to go to the classroom. The oldest man in the same room said, "Hey, you have a pen on your face." I quickly and seriously washed my face again and washed the pen on. (Female, 20 years old)

Dream Analysis: The dream of washing your face means the relationship between people. If you dream that you are washing your face, it means that you can truly face others in your heart, and you also want to get a sincere return from others. If you see someone washing your face in your dreams, it means that you are eager to learn more about each other in order to build a true friendship on the basis of understanding.

If you dream of washing your hands, you will make a trustworthy good friend.

Dreaming of brushing your teeth means that you are very healthy and rarely get sick, and because you pay more attention to your own health, you are also very happy in your old age.

Dreaming about gargle is a symbol of spitting.

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