What does it mean to dream of turning into a soup chicken

In the dream, I was walking on the road, and it was strange to say, I do n’t know why the weather suddenly changed from sunny to cloudy, and it was raining heavily. I stumbled and fell into a pit of water, so that my whole body became soaked and became Chicken soup. (Male, 33 years old)

Dreamland analysis: The heavy rain suddenly landed and accidentally fell into the water, which meant that the variables came temporarily. Water suggests that there is a gestation period for the situation. It should be noted recently that a crisis or problem that may be latent for a long time is about to erupt, and it will make your mood plummet. It may also be that your long-planned plan is indecisive due to lack of confidence or too much consideration, which will eventually lead to the loss or change of the plan, and your mood will fall into a sense of uncertainty.

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