What does it mean to dream of a dream after returning from a trip?

I am from Tianjin. When I traveled to Hangzhou in September 2003, I went to Lingyin Temple. I didn’t know much about Buddhism at the time, but I worshipped the Buddha religiously and made a wish. Since October 2007, my luck has not Well, many things have happened to me. I don’t remember a few months in which I have a dream. I dreamed that I walked to a street. My friend told me that there was Lingyin Temple at the end. Will the road lead to Lingyin Temple? I had this dream again last night, and it seemed that I came to this street again in my dream, but this time I knew that this street leads to Lingyin Temple, and the Mingming Center also thought I went to Lingyin Temple to worship the Buddha and repaid my vow, but the dream woke up, but it didn't come true. Did the Buddha of Lingyin Temple hint at me in his dream to let me go to fulfill my vow? However, the vow I made didn't seem to come true.

( Dreamsmeaning Book official website ) Dream interpretation : The dreamer may be working on a certain goal in life, and the way he dreamed twice is Lingyin Temple. The Lingyin Temple here can be understood as his own. You have found the right direction for the temple when a certain harmony goal is achieved. As long as you move forward in this direction, you can reach it without turning. The dream itself is just a metaphor. The subconscious mind is giving some guidance on the road of life. As for the Buddha of Lingyin Temple in reality, he believes in the Buddha, and the Buddha is there. I think I should worship Lingyin Temple again, so the Buddha of Lingyin Temple is here. Waiting for you to worship again.

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