What does it mean to dream of flirting with another man

Zhou Gong's interpretation of dreams : Women all want to be appreciated by others, no matter who wants others to say that they are beautiful, no one wants others to say that they are ugly. On the other hand, women actually like flirting, of course, it must be within the range that she can bear, because this is the manifestation of their charm. Dreaming that I often flirt with other men, often just because women want to be appreciated.

Dreaming of flirting with other men said that he would quarrel with his husband or boyfriend recently, but the more noisy the deeper the feelings.

I often dream of flirting with other men, saying that I will fall into peach-colored disputes and the family will be devastated.

Dreaming of another woman flirting with her husband shows that her husband will be better for herself.

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