What does it mean to dream of flirting with other men

Dreamsmeaning Book : Women want to be appreciated by others. No matter who they are, they want others to call themselves beautiful, and no one wants others to call themselves ugly. On the other hand, women actually like to flirt, of course, they must be within the range that she can bear, because this is the embodiment of their charm. To dream that you often flirt with other men is often just because a woman wants to be appreciated.

To dream of flirting with other men indicates that you will quarrel with your husband or boyfriend recently, but the more you noisy, the stronger your relationship will be.

I often dream of flirting with other men, which means that I will fall into peachy disputes and that my family will be devastated.

To dream of other women flirting with your husband indicates that your husband will treat you better.

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