Dreaming of getting fly feces

Dreaming of flies or fly shit flying on you and dirtying your clothes means that someone will take the opportunity to make a small report to your boss. If you have any shortcomings in your work, you should immediately admit your mistakes with your boss. People can take advantage of it.

Dream of feces in urine contamination Bodymaster get money, dreamed stool floor main wealth, loss of bowel and bladder main dream lost money, pick manure dream home touch wood. ”---- Dreamsmeaning Book

It is only natural for farmers to plant seeds in spring and harvest in autumn. To have a good harvest, you need to fertilize, of course, manure is the preferred fertilizer. If a person's metabolism is smooth, bowel movements are naturally smooth. Dreaming of yellow feces is a symbol of wealth and abundance. If it is so stinking, it is a good dream. This is why the stool has always been interpreted as wealth. If you have never dreamed of poop, ask yourself, is your financial luck really bad?

To dream of having feces on your body or stepping on feces, fortune will come to you; everything you want will come true and everything will go smoothly.

Dreaming that your clothes are stained with feces, and the financial support will rise. Can expect a new income. Perhaps in addition to the income from pocket money, there is also a part-time job.

A man dreams of defecation in a public toilet , and he should pay attention to physical illness. When a woman dreams of defecation in a public toilet, she will be humiliated and discriminated against.

A man dreams of urinating in his toilet, all difficulties will pass. A woman dreams of urinating in her own toilet, she will become an excellent housewife. The patient dreamed of urinating in his own toilet, and the body would definitely recover.

The dream of overflowing stool in the bathroom, if summed up in one sentence, is a dream of money that brings wealth. The dream of overflowing stool in the bathroom suggests that you will get unexpected windfalls instead of getting wealth through hard work.

The dream of digging out your own dung is a good dream. The dream of digging out dung will bring you good luck. I advise you to buy lottery tickets today and try your luck. In the future, your money luck will improve and you may make a fortune.

Dreaming of your urine and urine stains you is a rare dream. Dreaming of urine and urine stains your body, implying that you will get a lot of money. If you are an entrepreneur or a business person, your career path will be smooth sailing and bring you a lot of money.

To dream of falling into the pit is a rare dream. If you fall into the pit and then climb out in your dream, everything will be fine. However, if you dream of sitting on the ground after stepping on someone's stool, it is a bad omen. If you dream of the second situation, it is best to find a master to dial in to prevent accidents.

Dreaming of stools all over the floor is a very good dream. If you dream that the ground is full of stool, it implies that the god of wealth will favor you. If you are an entrepreneur, you will succeed in your career with the assistance of others and bring you prosperity and glory.

To dream of yourself carrying stool is a good sign. To dream of entering the house carrying your urine and urine on your back is a good dream. If you are a business person, your career will go to the next level and your money will be prosperous.

Dreaming of piled up stool is directly related to wealth. If you dream of piles of poop, your career or investment will achieve remarkable success and bring you a lot of money.

To dream of holding stool with your hands implies that the ongoing business or investment is going smoothly, and you will make a fortune in the near future. Buying a lottery ticket is a good choice, and it is possible to win the jackpot and make a fortune.

Dreaming of falling into the pit and then crawling out, this is a rare good dream. In reality, stool is a dirty thing that people "keep away", but in dreams, it is the opposite. It symbolizes property. To dream of falling into the toilet and then crawling out implies that you will make money. In the near future, you may get an unexpected windfall, or win the jackpot or win a lottery in a lottery.

Dreaming of golden stool coming towards you. The golden stool symbolizes money and implies that you will get a lot of money. Because of the lucky stars, it is possible to win a lottery or a jackpot in a lottery in the near future, and it is also possible to gain power with the help of a distinguished person to make you wealth. Undoubtedly, this is a good dream of prosperous luck, you have to grasp it!

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