What does it mean to dream about your parents?

As the saying goes, be a father for one day and be a father for life, so what do you have for dreaming about your parents, brothers and sisters?

Look at the Dreamsmeaning Book dream interpretation of parents:

·Dreaming about becoming a child and getting along with parents-lucky things are about to happen. You can taste delicious coffee, get movie tickets and so on. You will smile unconsciously.

·Dreaming about talking and laughing happily with your parents-there will be disturbances at home. I will feel bored with my parents and run away from home. If you are underage, don't hate for life because of impatience, but have more self-respect. ( Dreamsmeaning Book official website )

·Dream that your parents are divorced-your friends are unlucky. Your unintentional sentence will cause misunderstanding. If you ignore it, your friend will leave you. Try to explain it clearly.

·Dreaming of being loved by my mother-there will be joy in love. The best place to date is to choose quiet places, such as libraries, museums, parks at dusk, and so on.

·Dreaming of being yelled at by your father-there are bad signs in health. Pay special attention to accidents, and be especially careful when getting on and off the vehicle or crossing the lane.

·Dreaming of leaving your parents and becoming lonely-there will be great luck in love. If you are interested, you can attack without hesitation, and you will never be blocked. Because this is destined in a dream.

To dream of being bullied by your brother or sister and unwilling to heart---brother's luck causes twists and turns. Just for a pencil or an eraser, there must be a dispute. At this time, it is best for the parents to come forward to be fair people.

·Dreaming that a brother or sister will go out to play-luck will come in the interpersonal relationship. Maybe because of similar interests, you will meet new people. As long as you treat each other frankly, you can definitely become a confidant.

·Dreaming about brothers quarreling-game luck decays Go, Chess, TV entertainment games... No matter what kind of game you participate in, you are sure to lose. This state will last for half a year, so be mentally prepared!

·Dreaming of doing something with your brothers and sisters-academic progress will be made. All the difficult subjects in the past will also have good scores. It is possible to get praise from the teacher in public to make you look so bright.

·Dreaming about being far away from your brother or sister-you will be lucky in the opposite sex. You may receive a passionate love letter written by a classmate. How will you deal with it at this time? This is your personal business.

·I dreamed of covering the same quilt with my brothers and sisters ——After the rain passes the sky, my health will rise. In the next month, although I am a little bit unhappy, I will be energetic and can live a life free of pain and disease.

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