A professor once did a face-care test. Let the male students choose. If she gets disfigured one day, would you still be willing to take care of her? More than half of the students chose not to. Then the professor said, what I said is not your object, but your mother, how would you choose. So everyone chose to be willing. Facial appearance is insignificant to most feelings. But in love, everyone cares about the appearance. Of course, many people care about not being too ugly. In dreams, dreaming of looking ugly is often related to love.

To dream that the appearance becomes ugly and the appearance becomes ugly:

To dream of feeling sad because of your ugly appearance indicates that there will be many difficulties in your love. Progress is very unsatisfactory.

Dreaming that someone else’s face is very ugly indicates that there will be an accident in your love. In the end, the two sides could not get together.

Dreaming that your forehead has become ugly indicates that you have been a little bit biased in doing things recently, and are prone to conflicts with others.

To dream that you are wearing very ugly clothes indicates that you will have unexpected gains. In terms of love, singles should try to participate in more social activities. Recently, they will be very popular with the opposite sex.

Dreaming of an ugly face indicates that unfortunate things will happen to you.

To dream that your appearance has become very beautiful and that you are very happy indicates that your interpersonal relationship will become very good, and it will be a good help for your work and career.

To dream that your nose has become very ugly, indicates that there will be disasters by your side.

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