A professor once did a face-lifting test. Let the male students choose, if she disfigures one day, would you still be willing to take care of her? More than half of the students chose not to. Then the professor said that what she said was not your object, but your mother, how would you choose. So everyone chose to be willing. Face is insignificant for most relationships. But in love, everyone cares about the appearance, of course, many people just care about not being too ugly. In dreams, dreaming of ugliness is often also related to love.

Dreaming of ugly faces, ugly looks:

Dreaming that I feel sad because my face becomes ugly, indicates that my love will have many difficulties. Progress is very difficult.

Dreaming of someone else's face is very ugly, indicating that their love will likely be unexpected. The two sides ultimately failed to come together.

Dreaming that his forehead has become ugly, which indicates that he has been a bit private in recent work, and easily conflicts with others.

Dreaming that she was wearing a very ugly dress, heralding an unexpected harvest. In terms of love, singles should try to participate in more social activities, which will be very heterosexual recently.

Dreaming of an ugly face heralded that something unfortunate would happen.

Dreaming that my appearance has become very beautiful, and I am very happy, which indicates that my interpersonal relationship will become very good, which will be good for work and career.

Dreaming that his nose became very ugly, indicating that disaster would happen to him.

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