I dreamed that my dad and I were going to work in a small city. After I arrived, I looked for a place to eat . I saw a restaurant with a good environment and many green decorations. But there were no guests. We went in and sat down. A middle-aged woman, like a boss, came to say hello. We first asked for a pot of tea. When I was thinking about the point, the middle-aged woman started to be extremely annoying. , Shouted: I'm annoying! Then stand up with my dad and go, and say to eat at another house. The boss lady stunned and ran, and she ran very fast. As soon as my dad and I sat down in a different hall, they came in and beat us up. I knew in the heart that the boss lady called. She would just run and shout.

In my dreams, my dad and I would both order martial arts or something. A few of them were quickly kicked off by us, but I was very worried. I thought they would find someone again, but my dad did n’t think so, and insisted. I ate at a restaurant next to me. I just came upstairs and it turned out that another group of people were still holding weapons, but we were hit by it, but this time it was very laborious. Both my dad and I started to feel that the danger was approaching. There must be more people, and more people. We were going to escape , but we walked out of the restaurant door and saw a lot of people coming towards us. We couldn't find the car, so we had to run hard with our legs.

At this time, we ran into an alley-like place and saw a gate, as if it was a police station. I thought there was a rescue, and hurried to knock on the door. As a result, the gatekeeper said that the people who live here will be sold tomorrow. Ask us if we can't live? But if we don't live, we will be killed by those people. Had to stay before talking. After entering, I found a room and fell asleep. The next day someone came to buy someone. I was picked by a family and said to take care of their daughter, I thought it was not the kind I bought for my wife. Later, I went to this family's home. After a few days, I said that the Mid-Autumn Festival National Day was on holiday. I was allowed to go back and play for a few days, but after I returned, I thought of God and finally escaped. I will no longer go to that city after being killed. ~~~~~ The dream is over.

Dream Analysis: Hello, the dream has shown the structure of an Oedipus triangle relationship, which is the relationship between the dreamer, the dreamer's father, and the "bossie". The content of dreams may be the same as in real life (as a sort out of the past), or it may be the exact opposite (as a compensation for lack). The proprietress symbolizes mother, an overseer in the Electra complex, and her personality style is stubborn and tough. The dreamer's eclectic complex is relatively strong. As an adult, he cannot consciously accept certain situations in his relationship with his father. Therefore, he has more depression and fear, and feels guilty to his mother. The dreamer has been avoiding touching and resolving this complex problem, so in the dream, the complex turns into a small group to chase and disturb the father and daughter, so that the dreamer's fear can be vented and re-experienced.

Maybe the dreamer had done psychological counseling or revealed his inner things to friends, husbands or related organizations, so in the dream, he turned into a "police station" that he could ask for help, but was "sold out". The danger can't be ignored. The child to take care of is actually the dreamer himself, an early complex. But "holidays" interrupted the process. It seems similar to the fall of counseling, suggesting that dreamers are not very willing to face their past. The goalkeeper symbolizes the dreamer's pre-consciousness, warning the dreamer that he is in danger of being betrayed, but the dreamer decides to accept it.

As this complex cannot be faced and resolved well, this Oedipus triangle relationship will be replicated in his own life. The form is likely to be a triangle between the two sides of the dreamer (or dual personality) and her husband. The two sides of the dreamer are: one is the gentle and cute and childish side, which is the basis of being very loving with the husband, and the other is the side of the demanding mother-in-law, which makes the husband feel very uncomfortable, always Be evasive. The overall impression is that the family relationship is good at present. Now, the situation on the latter side may have escalated (the scale of the small smashing attack is stronger every time). The dreamer's subconscious is looking for a solution, and maybe he thinks that if he can have a child, the problem can be solved. In this structure, the gatekeeper symbolizes the subpersonality of the sober situation in the dreamer's heart, and warns the dreamer that if there is gain, there may be some loss. We should carefully weigh it. So the dreamer still fell out of the idea of ​​having a child. The status quo continues. This explanation is realistic. Therefore, it can also be speculated that if the dreamer has children, the dreamer is more likely to approach the above-mentioned demanding sub-personality, and transfer the previous sub-personality to his children through repression and projection mechanisms to inherit and repeat himself Native family model.

The small city in the dream is a symbol of the lost environment of long-term love, so it is also the place where the treatment begins. Dreams are self-healing, and are trying to consume the negative energy contained in the complex by recreating the recurrence. But the dreamer awakened from the dream, indicating that the dreamer's ability to heal himself is not enough, and he needs support and help at the conscious level. Dreamers get warnings from dreams at this age, which also shows that the time to solve the problem is mature. The dreamer's own experience and mental state are suitable to deal with this complex. May need the help of psychological counseling.

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