What does it mean to dream of a fox jumping out of a box

It was a weekend in my dream. I saw my wife was doing housework alone, so I went to help and wanted to reduce my wife's workload. The wife said: It's summer, you go out and take out the clothes in the box. So I went to the bedroom and lifted the box out. I opened the box to get my clothes to dry, and suddenly a fox jumped out of the box. (Male, 31 years old)

Dreamland analysis: This dream seems to have the meaning of being deceived, but it actually means the meaning of Geely. The fox stands for inconspicuous money, joy, or a banquet. Your current responsibilities may be heavy, but there are juniors and subordinates who are powerful assistants and do their best for you. There is a crowd gathering, so there are many opportunities to attend a banquet or meeting, and each opportunity is helpful, in which you can find good consultants and funders.

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