Record dreams

That was 7 years ago. I am a freshman now and I was still in elementary school at that time. I remember it was a very sultry summer vacation. We still live in the old house. My parents and I slept on a big bed. In my dream, something like a Ferris wheel appeared in front of me, almost two or three meters high. The trays are all on top of me. A doctor-like person with white hair and a white coat and glasses appeared behind me. He put a group of children on the "Ferris wheel", and the Ferris wheel began to rotate. At this time, the back of each tray extended The metal-like giant claws passed through the children's stomachs, the internal organs of their stomachs came out, and the mouth kept vomiting blood. The children were all dead, but the giant claws were still wearing in their stomachs. Wear it ... The doctor laughed, then pointed to the "Ferris wheel" and said to me, "Look, this is the death instrument I just invented." Then I woke up, sweating all over, and my parents were asleep. Nodding, I looked at the clock. It was exactly 12 o'clock. That night I kept insomnia, and fell asleep until the sky was bright.