What does it mean that Zhou Gongjiemeng dreamed of a tomb ?

The grave symbolizes death. The dream of death usually heralds the coming of change.

Dreaming about the grave may imply that something is over and a new phase is about to begin, and these are dreams that are caused by changes in life.

If you interpret the dream directly, the dream may imply that the dreamer is afraid of death or something unknown or unknown. If a friend or relative dies recently , it can also easily trigger a tomb dream.

The tomb also symbolizes peace, because the place where the dead rest is a quiet place. This dream may suggest that you desire peace. The tomb also symbolizes burial. This dream may be related to something that is forgotten or hidden. If you encounter something in real life that reminds you of something you have forgotten, you may dream of a grave. In addition, this dream may also mean that the dreamer is interested in hidden things.

Dreaming of the grave, happiness is gone.

Dreaming of coming out of the grave, there will be achievements.

Dreaming of someone getting into the grave, relatives and friends will die.

Dreaming about the graveyard , you must be careful and behave, life should be regular, otherwise the family will be ruined. A man dreams of a mausoleum, which will prolong his life. Woman dreams of mausoleum, feeling down and upset

Dreaming of visiting the cemetery can get real love.

Married woman dreams of visiting the cemetery, her husband will be more considerate and pampered.

The unmarried woman dreamed of visiting the cemetery and would marry Ruyi Langjun.

Unmarried men dream of visiting the cemetery and will marry a lovely and loyal woman.

The men and women in love dream of visiting the cemetery, and the love between the two will be deeper.

Dreaming of building a cemetery is an ominous sign, and the family will be sick or die.

Patient dreams of building cemetery, condition will worsen

The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

Dreaming that living people dig graves, they will live long.

The high grave is auspicious, the new coffin master is worried,

Yun Qiji was on the grave, and the door of the grave opened Pepsi.

The grave is bright and dark, and the grave is full of trees.

Daiji blooms on the grave, and the coffin in the tomb comes from the daji,

Put the tomb into the house, and the dead came out of the coffin.

Dreaming of watching large monuments-the plan will go smoothly. May wish to make a small travel plan at this time, and you will definitely get the wish;

Dreaming of tomb worship-there is a good chance that luck will rise in interpersonal relationships. Your friendship with relatives and friends will be deeper. If you have any difficulties, you can discuss it with them, and the other party will certainly share your concerns;

Dreaming of the night walking in the cemetery-health will decline. If you are a member of an athletic association, you must intensify your intake of adequate nutrition and adequate sleep to prevent physical weakness and fainting.

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