What does it mean to   dream of a crocodile in ostrich skin

In my dream, a crocodile in ostrich skin was chasing me. It was pitch black, there was no other color, only me and the "thing". It seemed to chase me endlessly. When I woke up, my husband fell off the bed and laughed at me trying to run on the bed. (Female, 25 years old)

Dream analysis: As a symbol, the ostrich means a certain situation that you deny and unwilling to accept. The thing under the ostrich coat is exactly what you want to avoid. The crocodile symbolizes your deep hidden essence, repressed anger and destructive emotions. The black background in your dream comes from your subconscious, which means you don't want to see this situation.

On the surface, an ostrich means you may be denying something wrong. You always show the good side and deny that you have any problems. However, the crocodile hints at other problems in your heart, which is a problem that you don't admit and that you are avoiding.

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