What does it mean to dream about family members arguing fiercely and receiving a letter with butterflies?

Dreamsmeaning Book : It is inevitable that we will have some contradictions when we get along for a long time. Some people will hide their dissatisfaction with each other in their hearts, while others will speak out and resolve them together. In the dream, the family members quarrel fiercely, which indicates that there may be some hidden dangers of conflicts between the family members.

Dreaming of intense family quarrels and quarrels is also very intense. Don’t worry. The quarrel in the dream does not mean that there is real enmity between relatives. It may be between relatives you foresee, because there are some hidden dangers of contradictions in some things. In your dream, but magnify it. It depends on the content of the dispute. If the content of the dispute is separation of families, it is not a good sign. Dreaming of butterflies is a good thing, dreaming of receiving a letter, love will develop. It also means that you are expecting information from someone in your heart.

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