What does it mean to dream about fragrance (other smell)

In my life, I am not a person who provokes flowers, but I dreamt of a woman 's body fragrance, a unique fragrance. Smell and smell, the fragrance is getting stronger and stronger, but only smell the fragrance, but not see the person. (Male, 30 years old)

Dream analysis: The fragrance in the dream reminds you to handle the relationship between the sexes carefully. Dreaming of general fragrance represents the happiness of life. When a man dreams of a smelly smell, it reminds you not to be used by a woman with wrong intentions. A woman dreams of a special fragrance is telling you not to give up your feelings easily. Dreaming of sourness is a symbol of health. Dreaming of sweetness is a symbol of love and marriage. Dreaming of bitterness means an increase in troubles. Dreaming about spicy taste reminds you to be calm and calm when doing things. Dreaming of ups and downs is a symbol of deep emotions.

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