Please explain the dream to me this year 28, male, college culture, married, both parents, good interpersonal relationship.

Recently, I have been dreaming continuously (I rarely dream, and I can hardly remember). Dreams are all about work. Yesterday I dreamed that I was working at the unit. I was very busy and suddenly met a very rude person. He was so embarrassed that I couldn't work normally, but I managed to send it away, but found that it was time to go (I I just changed positions three months ago. My previous position had mandatory time requirements, and the work must be completed within a time, otherwise the bank's fund settlement would be delayed.) So I started working crazy but failed After that, I woke up and asked the master to help me interpret my dreams.

In addition, I have had a few dreams in the past month or two. It was me and my colleague ML that made me very depressed. Please help me to see why.

( Dream Dictionary official website ) Dream interpretation: This dream is relatively straightforward, which is to say that you are encountering or worrying. In your life, someone or something has appeared, disturbing your mind, and there is some helpless feeling of helplessness. You worry about interpersonal relationships and want to get along well.

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