Q: It ’s bad to dream about missing teeth . It ’s said that there will be funeral. So hurriedly. What does it mean when I dream of seeing my teeth and pulling them out ?

Male unmarried for 86 years

Focus on buying leather

Dreaming and dreaming I saw myself looking in the mirror, and then I found that the front incisor was loose, and I shake it with my hand, but fell down, and suddenly found that the slightly fallen tooth had two slightly smaller teeth. That tooth is hard to see, and the yellowing between the two teeth is like the kind of smoke stagnation caused by smoking more. Then I woke up.

Another: I usually smoke in my life, and my teeth are a little yellow.

And the first night, that was the stepdad, his mother vomited blood and was hospitalized.

( Zhou Gongjie dream www.zGjm.org) Answer:

Lost teeth have new teeth, which usually means that old things in life disappear and new content appears

Because the teeth are usually connected by bones and bones, many dream interpretation books show that there may be problems with people who are close to you, such as relatives and friends.

But more often it represents personal growth, like a tooth change when we were kids

New teeth don't look good, they are dissatisfied with new things

Also remind you not to smoke too much, otherwise the teeth will indeed be ugly

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