Dreaming about your own explanation

Dream of being ill , the burden will be reduced.

Dreaming that her husband is ill means that the husband will live longer.

The young man dreamed that he was ill and would marry a slim woman as his wife.

Dreaming that you are ill implies that you are worried about your studies and failing.

Dreaming of becoming a ill patient will overcome obstacles and difficulties, and life is becoming more and more stable, which is a sign of prosperity.

Dreaming of your wife's illness is an ominous sign, implying that you are worried about your wife's body out of a kind of care and love.

Dream yourself sick, don't be nervous, you are not really sick, you may be lonely in life, introverted and conservative, not receiving the attention and attention of family, classmates, friends, so the subconscious will dream this to satisfy you desire. Obviously, your wish is that everyone can pay attention to you and care for you, and being sick is the most sympathetic situation, so you will have this dream. Dreams rarely tell you a message so directly, it is impossible. If you're not assured, check it out.

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