What does it mean to dream of being half human and half fox?

In the dream, I felt like I was in the water. The strange thing was that my upper body was a human, but the lower body was a fox, as if I was about to drown. Suddenly I was fighting on the mountain again , and it was a woman who was beaten. She was injured, so I transferred my energy to her. (Male, 28 years old)

Dream analysis: The body of the human head and the fox make us naturally associate the Nuwa with the body of the human head and the snake. These are a symbol of mystery and wisdom. The fox is an intelligent animal, sensitive, suspicious, and cunning. However, you are a monster with a human head and fox body that is about to drown. This often indicates that the career you are engaged in may encounter difficulties. "Transfer energy to the injured woman " shows that you have not completely lost self-confidence, and there is still a lot of potential. This is a thankful result.

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