Conflict is the psychological resistance to something. In the dream, the people in the hometown represent some of their past thoughts, memories, feelings, and conflicts with the people in the hometown, it may be because they are more resistant and annoyed about something in their past.

Dreaming about conflicts with people in my hometown:

During the Spring Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival, I always dreamed of conflicts between myself and the people in my hometown, indicating that it would be difficult for me to return home, and that unpleasant things might happen because of my own mood.

People who go out to work dreaming that they are in conflict with people in their hometown say that they will perform well at work and get a good reward.

People who travel on business dream that they are in conflict with the people in their hometown, which indicates that their affairs will be difficult to accomplish.

The businessman dreamed of a conflict with the people in his hometown, indicating that his career would develop far away.

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