At first I dreamed that there was a tawny feather floating on the water, and two pairs of chopsticks close together. Then it seemed to go up the mountain and followed a girl named Liu Yan, but it was not very clear. I picked a wild fruit (or mountain fruit or something) and ate it. The fruit is similar to a fruit. You can eat it only after peeling off a thin coat. What does the master mean?

Dream interpretation: Feather, it means that the burden on your life is very light. Chopsticks, good fortune, there will be good luck. Indicates that there are abundant substances. Dreaming of a girl indicates hope or indicates that you will receive good news. It means that your good luck is coming, and this surprise will be unexpectedly happy. To dream of eating fruits is auspicious, there will be good luck, and it is also a longing for love.

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