I have dreamed a few dreams for some time, but I always remember, very clearly. So weird.

The first one is about ten years old. At that time, I might be in my teens. I dreamed that I was dead . When someone buried me, I met a married man on the road . At that time, people on both sides were still arguing about which side to let Pass first (the road is very narrow, it is the mountain road of my hometown). Later it seemed that the bride had given way. Always remember. Especially the coffin that holds me , boxy and small.

Second: on a cliff, below is the sea. There were two dolls sitting on the cliff. I don't know why it fell off immediately. At that time, I wore a slashing spell on my neck. When I fell, I thought that the spell would get wet when dropped into the sea, so I quickly pulled it down and threw it to the two dolls by the cliff. When I was about to fall into the sea, a huge turtle appeared and caught me. Came at me. Then I felt like flying again, with white clouds next to it, just like Gauze. Suddenly I felt that I was flying too high, I was scared, and I felt like I fell down, and I woke up.

( Zhou Gongjie dream www.zGjm.org ) Dream interpretation :

The first dream, dreaming until you die, refers to some experiences or feelings at that time that make you feel that you were dead at that time. It can also be said that you have grown up and become a new yourself, so your past self is Like death, on the way to growth, you need some obstacles, newly married, here refers to a more mature stage of life, or inner state, at that time you realized that there is such a stage of life, but not ready to enter At that stage, on your way to growth, it becomes a sense of strangeness and conflict about the future, but after the conflict, the bride gives way, and you continue to move forward on the road of growth, seeing your coffin. The Quartet, small, means that you have looked at yourself then. The coffin can be understood as the protection of the mother. The Quartet, small, means that there are many restrictions in your life. Inability to do things.

The second dream, cliff, refers to something at the time that made you feel on the edge. Two dolls sitting on the cliff are your own state. Two, which means split, reflects your feeling of struggle at that time. One way, means the way you are looking forward to, can help you accomplish something, sea, where you can indicate belonging, combined with the huge turtle, it can indicate family belonging, this plot shows that in your When struggling, there is a phenomenon of psychological regression, that is, psychologically returning to an earlier state, seeking a sense of belonging, and flying, because some things in reality make you feel stressed, so you fly in a dream Form releases this kind of pressure, at the same time gives confidence to oneself, hopes that oneself ability is stronger in reality.

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