I had a wonderful dream yesterday. Introduce yourself first. Twenty-year-old, Jiangxi, female, college student, parents at home are in good health, and will have a chance to change academically this year.

I dreamed that I was discussing something with my friend at my house. When my friend was on the balcony, I went into the room to pick up the money. Suddenly my friend called me out, so I took the money out, and on the balcony, I saw above me God of Wealth, very kind God of Wealth, I somehow stretched out my hand holding money, and handed the money to God of Wealth one by one. I remember it was 800 yuan. I remember this dream very clearly I just don't know why my friend came to my house to find me, and why I got 800 yuan when I entered the room.

( Zhou Gongjie Dream www.zGjm.org ) Dream interpretation : Entering a room to withdraw money can be understood as finding your own value in your heart. Home can be understood here as your own state of mind. The balcony is considered to be part of the home. , But not at home, but according to the structure of the home, so the balcony here, to a certain extent, represents the aspect of life that is connected to others close to you. In more detail, it can be regarded as an emotional life. And the friend in the dream did not mention gender. I think it may be the opposite sex. Combined with the balcony scene, it can be understood that you are interacting with the opposite sex. Here you see God of Wealth, God of Wealth, a kind of god, there is mysterious Strength reflects your feelings or expectations for your emotional life. I hope that this aspect will bring you a beautiful or special state, as well as God ’s help. At the same time, God of Wealth, some have the mysterious power to collect money for you. Here, you are shown I hope I can get more value affirmation, that is, I hope that through the help or affirmation of others, I will make myself feel better, my life is more valuable, and I will give money to money. God is saying that in this matter, in addition to experiencing your affirmation of value, you are also contributing your value to your emotional life.

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