I am female, currently single and 26. working as a clerk.

Hello, I dreamed of a kite. I searched it online and it was very bad. I am very worried.

The situation in the dream is as follows: the weather is very mild, and the sun is not seen, only the mild blue sky and white clouds are seen. I sat on the top edge of a tall building with my legs beating, but I wasn't scared at all. The surroundings are shorter than this building, and each one looks like a workshop, but it is very neat. A child is flying a kite between these houses. The kite is made of old newspapers and is very common. So I will not break it, but in reality, the kite is flying higher and higher, it is very strong. The kite started to fly low, and later it got higher and higher, and the kite coordinated with the sky. After flying for a while, the kite has been flying very high, but the child has begun to collect, very slowly and very stable. The kite floated in the air even after it was almost collected. Later, the child came to me and sat with me on the edge of the high-rise building to watch the scenery.

What does this foreshadow, thank you.

( Zhou Gongjie dreams www.zgJm.org ) Dream interpretation : Still say that dreaming is not a sign, here is just a personal mood.

Although I felt a little anxious, it was not serious. The dream is quite pure and relaxed, maybe because of work or emotions, it is a bit boring, so let yourself "fly" in the dream. I don't know what it feels like to the child in the dream, whether it is his own child or a friend. Generally speaking, it has emotional needs, but the degree is different.

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