Yesterday, I dreamed that I went out to a cafe with a friend to find my girlfriend, and saw a group of women (should be chickens) halfway along , calling to my friend. My friend didn't feel like saying, "Let's go." We went to the Internet cafe and saw two acquaintances, but they should not be here (contradictory). Then we went to a strange and familiar place after the Internet cafe. Then two people (suspected plainclothes policemen) came after me. During the chase, there was a fight. Let me run after he hit , and then Woke up.

Note: Recently, my family and friends are dreaming of my going to prison.

( Zhou Gongjie dreams www.zgJm.org) Dream interpretation: Dreams reflect your recent inner conflicts and tensions, especially chasing and fighting in your dreams. It shows that your inner conflicts and conflicts are more intense, and your emotions are very nervous and anxious. Should be related to girlfriends and the Internet. Family and friends are dreaming about your dreams of going to prison. It is likely that they have noticed that you are in a bad state recently, and they are worried about you, so they manifest themselves in a subconscious dream.

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