Yesterday, I dreamed that I went out with a friend to an Internet cafe to find my girlfriend. I saw a group of women (probably chickens) on the way, calling at my friend. My friend feels hard to say: "Let's go quickly." We went to the Internet cafe and saw two acquaintances, but they shouldn't be here (very contradictory). Then we except after the cafe, came to a strange and familiar place, and then the two people (suspected plainclothes police) chasing me, fighting took place during the chase, I hit him right after the escape , then Woke up.

Note: Recently, my family and friends are dreaming of my going to jail.

( Dreamsmeaning Book ): Dreams reflect your recent inner conflicts and tensions, especially the chase and fight in your dreams. It shows that your inner conflicts are more intense and your emotions are very nervous and anxious. It should be related to his girlfriend and the Internet. Family and friends are all dreaming about your going to jail. It is likely that they have noticed that you are in a bad state recently, and they are worried about you, so it is manifested in subconscious dreams.

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