What does it mean to dream of a male friend who is sick

Zhou Gong Jie Meng : When a person is sick, maybe his heart is fragile, he hopes to get the care of his friends. The illness in a man's dream only came with a male friend, and the dreamer became ill the first time he thought of a male friend, indicating that he had setbacks in marriage or love in real life, and even dissatisfied with marriage or love. Want to find some comfort between same sex.

When a man dreamed of illness, he only came to see a man with a male friend. Of course, it was necessary to rule out the disappointment in the dream. This proves that what this man really needs is male comfort. The subconscious actually contains a very strong homosexual plot. Of course, Maybe it is heterosexual in real life, but it can be reflected from the side that he has a negative attitude towards marriage, even very disgusted and very rejected, because he believes that marriage is only a framework for a family, as for love or not Nothing particularly relevant.

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