Dreaming of a coffin is a good thing. The introduction of the old dream interpretation book is for promotion and fortune. Taking the homonym of it is actually not accurate enough. Now generally, dreaming of a coffin is a symbol of difficulty and irregularity. Of course! The significance of a dream depends on Small details that people do n’t value. For example, backgrounds, colors, and objects around objects, etc. Moreover, more than 90% of our dreams are meaningless. So it ’s better to ignore the meaning of “coffin”.

Dreaming that the coffin can be metaphorically focused on rebirth, or the transformation of thought or soul into another stage, and the removal of unhealthy bad habits, leaving the old environment, etc. In addition, in the folk saying that dreaming of a coffin means to be promoted to wealth, according to Zhou Gong 's interpretation of the dream, there are certain dreams that dreaming of the coffin does imply good fortune.

(Zhou Gongjie dream www.zGjm.org) The dream of the coffin is a typical anti-dream and a good luck dream. From a career perspective, the dream of the coffin shows that in the recent period, your outstanding work has been appreciated by your superiors. This dream foreshadows that you will have an official career and your position will be promoted.

From an economic point of view, the dream of the coffin indicates that your financial resources are booming and your business is booming in the recent period. This dream shows that if you have money, you will get a lot of foreign money.

There is also a saying: it is to increase the life of the family you dream of, but your health will be worse!

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