I am a girl and I am 19 years old. I am sensitive to feelings.

I had a dream, and the dream was like this:

I have an A friend who likes me and I promise to be with him

B friend likes me too, but I didn't say to be with him

One day when 3 people A friend B friend was with me

The place is a junior high school (I actually met 2 friends in high school in reality)

I am hesitant to know who to choose

Who knows that A friend saw me hesitant and jumped off the building and committed suicide?

Then ah i started nothing and then cried so much

B friend has been comforting me

A friend has a connection and may still like me now

B friend has not contacted for 1 year

But B keeps appearing in many dreams

Dream B is very kind to me and has always cared for me. I have a very considerate feeling in my life.

Now I rarely think of B, but I always dream about B

I do n’t know what those dreams mean

( Zhou Gong's official website for interpreting dreams ) Dream interpretation: This dream is your subconscious help you sort out some of the emotional relationships you can not understand in consciousness. In junior high school, there is a certain degree of psychological regression, that is, because of some things in the status quo, you have negative emotions. Due to the need for growth, you return to a certain period in memory earlier in your dreams and seek What you currently lack and need is the feeling or guidance, hesitant, and straightforwardly reflects your emotional confusion, A jumped off the building and committed suicide, in fact, in your heart, A died, you made a choice, Your heart gave up A, crying, is a vent of negative emotions caused by a sense of loss, B is still alive in your heart, subconsciously, you are still nostalgic for his care for you, so comfort your crying in your dreams . This dream tells you that in the emotional life, what do you need more, but the past has passed, no matter what you need, do not look in your past, you can get what you want from your present and future.

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