I had two nightmares last night. First, I dreamed that there was a mouse hole under the bed where I slept . It was not at home, but it seemed to be a hospital bed. Countless mice crawled out of the mouse hole. At first I actually went to grab the mouse's tail with my hand. Then the mouse was caught and thrown outside by me, and the result was more and more, and then I climbed into bed to bite me. I was besieged by a mouse, and then I called my mother and asked my mother for help. My mom got a cat all the time. The cat was very weird and looked dead because it had only one head, no meat on its neck, only hair and flesh on its face, big eyes, and green and yellow eyes. My mother threw the cat near my neck, and it killed all the mice that bit my neck, and screamed. The mice ran away. . Bloody, very disgusting ... the first dream, that's it ... I know that dreaming is not very good when it is bitten by a mouse , anyway, it seems that the hand is bitten, it hurts but no blood is seen. The mouse gathered around and tried to bite my neck.

The second one is also disgusting. The previous dream woke me up a bit, and I fell asleep again, and the two dreams could be connected together. I dreamed that my mother was afraid that I would be bitten by a mouse, and she slept with me. As a result, fall asleep asleep, suddenly lost only a small centipede at me, I looked under the bed. The sky is full of insects, with the most pupae, large and small. And he crawled on the bed, and the ceiling kept falling down. I didn't know where to get a few bottles of pesticide-like things, so I pulled them over and messed up. The smell was stinky, like sulfuric acid. When it was poured on the ground, the worms died a lot. Those who didn't die crawled into the mouse hole and crawled away. What about 4 bottles of pesticides? I've finished all of them, and left and right piles of bug corpses on the ground ... and then I woke up again ...

I'm preparing for the postgraduate entrance exam recently ... And my mother just had surgery and I'm not at home. Moreover, recently I always feel annoying that my husband sleeps every day. I used to feel annoyed when he slept, but now I want to get angry when he sleeps ... I always feel like he doesn't want to be motivated ...

( Zhou Gong's official website for dream interpretation) Dream interpretation: There are mouse holes under the bed, and the bed can be understood as belonging, a closer relationship, or sex, and there are mouse holes, which can be understood as some of your close relationships to you Negative feelings, troublesome, disgusting, this close relationship may refer to your relationship with your boyfriend in this dream, the home or the hospital is not clear, home, it means that you are in a home-like relationship, you can see here For the relationship, the hospital, the place for treatment. Taken together, this image indicates that in terms of emotion, your heart needs to be treated. Many mice indicate that you are very troubled by these troubles. Biting your hand means that you feel some Injury, around your neck, the neck symbolizes the mix of rationality and sensitivity. You feel that these troubles about your emotional life are interfering with you, making you unable to coordinate your reasoning and feelings well. Asking for help, mom, means The part of your heart that is like a mother, part of your own personality, this part of the personality is more mature, more reliable, Arousing this part of the personality, how do you want to get rid of trouble? Cats, cats with heads, heads are rational, heads only emphasize reason, eyes are big, it means you need and believe that you have the ability Observing the situation clearly, yellow-green is a color that expresses positiveness and vitality, and at the same time, the eyes are the window of communication, so here is the meaning of using this power for communication with the other party, in this way to get rid of trouble.

Tadpoles and other insects are also some of your negative feelings about each other. A few bottles of pesticides can be regarded as yourself here. To a certain extent, this reflects your aversion to men and women, and even a sense of fear. .

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