What is the difference between dreaming about suspension and flying? I used to think of suspension dreams as flying. This morning, I dreamed that I would be suspended in mid-air, but the height was very low, about a decimeter. Then I turned, twisted, like a fish, at any angle without touching the ground. I was surprised in my dreams and others. I said: I'll be floating long ago!

Later I woke up ( Zhou Gongjie dream www.zGjm.org) and found that he was sleeping comfortably. The muscles of the body, especially the feet, are relaxed. A soft feeling. So I think the dream of suspension should be different from the dream of flying. Suspended dreams are likely related to physical comfort. It is caused by muscle relaxation.

I think when people first fall asleep, if they are stressed during the day, or after experiencing conflicts, their muscles are often tense and it is difficult to relax for a long time. After falling asleep, the muscles will twitch suddenly, sometimes they will move very much, and even wake themselves up.

I checked some information, the reason is not very clear, but some people think it is a way from nervousness to relaxation. It takes a long time to fall asleep until the muscles in the whole body are soft. And not necessarily sleeping so comfortably every time. So I don't dream about suspension every day. Once you sleep comfortably, dream about suspension. Because my feet are relaxed, I thought my feet were off the ground. I think this is possible.

When the body muscles are soft and the temperature is right, dreaming of suspensions is related to the experience and memory of the human body. Because the amniotic fluid in the mother's womb is also suspended, equally warm and comfortable. So once the environment is similar, you will think that you are the same in the womb.

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