What is the difference between dreaming of levitation and flying? I have always mistaken the dream of levitation for flying. This morning, I dreamed that I would be floating in the air, but the height was very low, about one decimeter. Then, like a fish, I turned over, twisted, and made an arbitrary angle without touching the ground. I was surprised with others in my dream. I said: I would have floated a long time ago!

I woke up later, ( Dreamsmeaning Book ) found that I was sleeping comfortably. The muscles on the body, especially the feet, are relaxed. A soft feeling. So I think the floating dream should be different from the flying dream. Suspended dreams are probably related to the comfort of the body. It is caused by muscle relaxation.

I think when people just fall asleep, if the pressure is high during the day, or after experiencing conflict, the muscles are often tight and it is difficult to relax for a long time. After falling asleep, the muscles will suddenly twitch, and sometimes the movements are very moving, and even wake up.

I have checked some information, but the reason is not very clear, but some people think it is a way from tension to relaxation. In the end, it will take a long time to sleep until the muscles of the whole body are soft. And it may not be so comfortable every time. So I don’t dream about suspension every day. Once you sleep well, you dream of floating in your dreams. Because the feet were relaxed, I thought the feet were off the ground. I think it is possible.

When the body's muscles are soft and the temperature is right, dreaming of suspension, I think it has something to do with the experience memory of people in the mother's body. Because in the amniotic fluid of the mother's womb, it is also suspended, warm and comfortable. So once the environment is similar, you will think that you are in the womb again.

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