What does it mean to dream about graphics

I dreamed that I had received a letter without a mailing address. When I opened it, I saw a variety of graphics on it, most of which were squares, all with regular patterns. I'm a little nervous and don't know the meaning of the letter. (Female, 17 years old)

Dream analysis: The graphics in the dream represent the meaning of family education. The graphics appear in the dream, indicating that there is a sense of restraint in your heart. Dreaming about the rules of the graphic indicates that your tutoring is strict. Dreaming of irregular graphics implies that you want to break the routine.

If you dream of a circle, it means happiness and consummation. Dreaming of a triangle is the meaning of opportunity and friends. Dreaming of a diamond indicates that you are a romantic. Dreaming of a square signifies friendship and social interaction. Dreaming of a trapezoid is a symbol of success and help with the nobles.

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