What does dreaming about movies mean

I dreamed that I was watching a movie. It was a romance film. The hero and heroine in the play really loved each other. It moved me very much. I shared joy and sorrow with the characters in the play. Seeing the touching place, I could not help tears. This movie is so touching. (Female, 28 years old)

Dreamland analysis: The dream of a movie depends on its content. Dreaming of the movies you watch is easy and happy, full of life, showing that you are a person who loves life and pays attention to emotions, indicating that your life will be very happy. Dreaming of the movie you watch is horrifying, suggesting that you have bad friends around you, reminding you not to make bad friends.

Dreaming about a TV series is a symbol of success.

Dreaming of drama, heralding the reunion of friends.

Dreaming of opera represents progress and timing.

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