I dreamt that I and a group of girls (all classmates) were eating on the edge of the school lawn, and then not only did we go to the dormitory, how could we become two people with another girl when we walked, and cut to the side. There are two more boys (one of them is a boy I like, but he doesn't know ""This is something in reality""). When I left, I forgot to say anything specific. I just remember that the guy I liked said he would go to the men’s dormitory to pick up something for me. I remembered that I even hit him and said: Why are you so bad? I don't know what the two people next to me are doing. I walked to the male dormitory. I suddenly remembered that this is a male dormitory. I said: This is a male dormitory. Why should we go in? Then I took another girl out. Then somehow I went to the female dormitory. Everyone seemed to be going out to play or something. Then everyone was waiting. The two boys hadn’t come yet. I remembered that a girl said to me: She was with me last night. A girl who went to bed late after playing, I think it was 3 o'clock. Everyone has been talking and waiting for the two boys. Then who said: They might not go... Then I woke up, ask the master to interpret the dream, thank you!

Master dream interpretation:

Dreaming that you are eating but feel uncomfortable, indicating that you are under pressure recently and need self-regulation or rest for a period of time;

Dreaming that oneself refuses to eat, if such dreams appear, it often means that the dreamer has not received care for a long time, resulting in a kind of psychological rebellion;

To dream that you have a big meal, this is a good dream, which means that in the near future you will have good things such as wealth, noble people, new opportunities, etc.

To dream of eating with others indicates that you can get help from friends when you are in trouble. 

Your emotional consciousness (male classmate) and sexual consciousness (disc) stimulated this dream. The body and mind have meaning in this aspect during sleep, so the brain finds a "person" for itself in memory, and finally finds "him". But you "cannot" achieve it during sleep, so the brain looks for the reason for the "can't": why can't it? As a result, the brain concludes: male dormitory-"cannot", "two boys have not come yet"-"cannot" ".

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